• inexpensive bird faucet
  • innovative bird waterer
  • innovative bird water feeder
  • reliable pheasant waterer
  • waterer for birds
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Can BirdFaucet fail, breakdown or stop working? How do I maintain it?

Like all other man-made things, BirdFaucet can also fail or stop working. This is mostly from the build up of particles around the stainless steel ball inside the nipple head. We suggest you check every nipple once a month by pushing up the steel tip to see if water is flowing or not. If you see your birds are pecking at it more often or aggressively, it could be an indication that there is no water or water flow is blocked. At this point, you want to check and make sure there is water in the line and your pail/barrel storage has water in it. If no water is in the line, check your water source or add water into the pail/barrel.
If there is water in the line, unscrew the red end of the nipple. It has two stainless steel stems and a ball. Make sure you don't lose them. Just hand clean them and install it back the same way. Then try again and you should have water coming from it.