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How to use BridFaucet with a 5 gallon or bigger bucket/pail or barrel ?

In minutes, set up one 5-gallon pail to an automated watering system for a few to hundreds of birds in multiple pens. After this, just add water to the pail as needed. It is that simple!
Depending on how many birds you are watering, using a 5 gallon pail or 20 to 55 gallon barrel kept 4 feet above ground is the easiest way to water your birds. This gives you the right water pressure for the smooth running of your watering line and this will let you keep your house waterline separate from the bird waterline. This also allows you to mix any medications in the water and clean the pail/barrel as needed.
You will need a " 1/2 inch Bulkhead Fitting"Little Egret to make use of your 5 gallon pail or bigger barrel. The Bulkhead Fitting is sold at www.frankstrade.com You simply drill a hole on the side of your pail or barrel and install a bulkhead fitting which allows you to connect your 1/2" poly tubeLittle Egret and run your poly line. Depending on your installation, you will need a few 1/2" poly tube fittings (one 1/2" male threaded elbowLittle Egret , barb elbows Little Egret and barb TsLittle Egret) These poly fittings are sold in your local hardware store and are very inexpensive.
To prevent algae growth use black or another dark color pail/barrel, or paint it black on the outside.

how to make a BirdFaucet bird watering system

How to use BirdFaucet with pressurized water line?

Simply connect BirdFaucet to low pressure (4 to 5 PSI) 1/2 inch poly tube water line and you are done! It is that simple!
Whether you have well water or municipal /city water, your water line including your garden hose line is pressured anywhere from 20 PSI to 80 PSI of pressure. To use BirdFaucet, you must reduce this pressure to 4 to 5 PSI. Water valves only control flow. Partially opening a faucet will NOT reduce pressure! BirdFaucet requires low water pressure to function correctly.
To reduce water line pressure, you must use a Pressure Reducing Valve or a Pressure Regulating Valve. This can be connected anywhere in the line before the BirdFaucet. You can buy pressure reducing valve or pressure regulating value from local hardware store or from various on-line stores. Make sure it can reduce pressure to as low as 5 PSI. Many pressure regulating valves do not reduce pressure to 5 PSI.